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Athletics Booster Club

Clinton Christian Academy supports the belief that athletics play an important role in the development of the total student. Many life lessons such as teamwork, dedication to a goal, and hard work can be learned through participation in sports which enable future success for our students.

The Booster Club exists for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, student families and the school through support for all male and female activities of the school athletic programs. The Booster Club works to achieve this through active participation of as many parents as possible in Booster Club programs, fund raisers and in concentrated support for individual sports, working closely with the coaches, athletic director, and principal of the school.

  • To support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities of high school. To foster and promote good will and fraternal spirit among its members

  • To promote and encourage better attendance to all sports activities by the parents and friends of athletes, the students, and faculty of the school

  • To promote and encourage more young men and women to get involved in athletics, either as an active participant or as a volunteer assistant such as statistician, etc….

  • To raise funds to assist all athletic programs

  • Smaller Booster Club committees may be formed  to directly support each coaches program or support a strong revenue producing program to raise the funds to assist all athletic programs and supported volunteers working for the operation of concession stands, selling of advertisements, tickets, donation of any other school legitimate method that the Booster Club officers shall determine

  • To assist in holding down expenses to the athletic department by volunteer services to provide people to serve as parking attendants, chain gang, admission ticket gates, timers, judges, or any similar activity approved by the athletic department

  • Budgets are to be established at the beginning of each year


Leslie Loftin


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