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Football is a very tough and demanding sport. It is not easy or natural to go through the physical demands of the game. However, young men will be better prepared for life after participating in our football program. Working hard, being part of a team, meeting physical challenges and getting up after being knocked down are all life lessons that everyone needs to learn. Setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals are very important.


Our coaches have a solid understanding of the game of football and have the ability to teach and motivate players. They not only strive to develop players and instill proper fundamentals in blocking, tackling, ball security, and pursuit to the football, but also to promote character, discipline, self-control, and devotion.


Varsity and Jr. Varsity


The CCA basketball program is committed to academic and athletic excellence which honors God. Warriors and Lady Warriors are coached to play with competitiveness founded on a love for God, respect for our opponent, and a passion for the game of basketball. Our program is dedicated to a strong foundation, initiated first with our middle school participants in which fundamental play is taught and expected. Proper mechanics of defense and offense are a primary focus. Understanding of key principles of team play are taught regularly and consistently.

The CCA basketball program is entering a new and exciting era in which particpation is increasing and the quality of play is exciting to watch. Fierce sportsman-like play is our hallmark. Come be a  part of a bright basketball future!


We believe that baseball is a tool that can be used to teach lessons about life’s experiences in a positive way. A baseball player at CCA will develop a better understanding of how education, skill, luck, work, individual achievement, team performance, sacrifice, judgment, choice… all things in which experience brings enormous value… can affect and impact their lives and the lives of others.  We believe that players who participate in the Warrior program will be productive people with a strong sense of self-worth, work ethic and community service.




With exciting enthusiasm, the Lady Warriors continue the successful standard that has been set with the softball program. Their dedication, commitment and work ethic is top notch, and it pays off when they take the field. CCA has a solid core of players that have experienced their share of success. They are disciplined, motivated, and accountable not only to themselves, but to their teammates. The Lady Warriors are hungry to make an immediate and lasting impact in CCA's success.


In the volleyball program athletes learn what it means to have Warrior Pride and how important it is to compete with passion. They are taught mental toughness and how to cope with adversity during matches, practices, as well as in the classroom and off the court. 


At CCA, we recognize that God has given us the gifts to run and compete at a  high level. Therefore, we seek to honor Him by training hard and racing harder. Our Warrior track program strives to provide life-long learning experiences and opportunities for competition, alongside promoting values, academic integrity, self-worth, discipline, and good character.




The CCA Archery Program covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, and self-improvement. The goal of this program is to provide students with the ingredients to become involved in a life skill that has no barriers. Unlike many school activities, students of all sizes can easily be involved in archery. Some students who excel in archery class are not necessarily the stereotypical athletes.

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