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Visual Arts

The mission of the CCA Visual Arts Department is to offer a rigorous, professionally led standards-based curriculum to all students, providing meaningful and significant experiences that foster critical thinking, inspire creative self-expression, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the visual arts. Our goal is to develop student abilities to create, understand, and appreciate art.

K4-K5 Art:  Students create works of art based on lessons in their regular classroom (ie:  ABC's, Community, Outer Space, etc). 

Elementary:  Students learn and do works of art based on the Elements of Art. The Elements of Art are line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space.  Each element has a separate unit of projects. 

Intro to Art (Middle School):  Students learn Art History, beginning with Prehistoric art and working their way to today's artists, and create works of art based on each era. 

ART I, II, III, IV (High School):  Students study techniques and principles of art.  The Principles of Art are balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, movement, rhythm, and harmony.  Students create works of art throughout the year based on the techniques and principles of art to gain experience and prepare them for college. 

ART I, II, III, IV (High School) Field Trips:  Each year we try to go on field trips to enhance the students' art experience and get them excited about art. 

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