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Mission Statement

The mission of CCA is to educate every student for lifelong success and to enrich them with Christian purpose.  The board of trustees, administrators, and teachers, supported by the parents, shall create a Christian learning atmosphere with a physically, spiritually, and emotionally safe environment for the following to prosper:

    - An opportunity to hear the Gospel as stated in John 3:16  
    - An opportunity to see the Christian Faith lived out  
    - An opportunity for Academic excellence  
    - An opportunity to be a part of Community Outreach  
    - An opportunity to be a part of organized sports


In today's world, investing in a child's school experience is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. CCA's objective is to expand the heart, mind, and character of each student by providing academic and personal challenges in an environment rich with support and encouragement from a distinctly Christian perspective. With this in mind, we developed the following mission statement to hold the Administration, Teachers, and Board accountable to you, the parents, who entrust your children to CCA and to God who has made all of this possible.

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